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Video: About David Blatt

November 21, 2023

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Funding a comfortable lifestyle in retirement has become increasingly challenging.

Many senior homeowners worry about outliving their money.

One often overlooked way to supplement traditional 401K and Social Security retirement income, is to tap into the equity in your home using a reverse mortgage.

David Blatt, a reverse mortgage specialist, has been helping seniors across Michigan generate additional cash flow in retirement for thirty years.

With a reverse mortgage, your monthly mortgage payments are replaced by a lump sum or monthly payout, a line of credit or some combination.

The additional cash can be used to renovate your home, fund a grandchild’s education, take a dream vacation, pay for home or health expenses, or for any other reason.

Your investment portfolio stays intact… and you still retain the title to your home.

As a licensed reverse mortgage consultant, David also enjoys a relationship with many lenders and is often referred to by financial planners.

So, you’ll have a wider choice of mortgage programs that fit your individual needs and budget. Jumbo programs included.

But a reverse mortgage isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to understand all your options before you sign.

Call David today for a no obligation, free consultation.

And feel free to invite a trusted advisor to be on the call, David will answer any questions you both may have.


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