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Charlevoix Reverse Mortgages

Charlevoix, Michigan Reverse Mortgage Lender

Meet David Blatt

David Blatt Reverse Mortgages

David Blatt

Reverse Mortgages of Michigan

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David Blatt and Reverse Mortgages of Michigan are people you should be contacting if you are in Charlevoix and interested in a reverse mortgage, from Petoskey to East Jordan and throughout Charlevoix County.

David is an accomplished professional of the industry and knows the market in Michigan backwards.

Aerial View of the lighthouse in Charlevoix, Michigan
Caption: Aerial View of the lighthouse in Charlevoix, Michigan Credit: Flickr

He has been selling reverse mortgages and more traditional loans for more than three decades.

David is determined to help as many seniors in Michigan squeeze the most out of their assets and a reverse mortgage is one of the key tools he can offer to make that happen.

He will happily spend time with retirees, listening carefully to their wants and needs before determining a strategy to find a solution.

A friendly guy with a sharp mind and a determination to please his customers — that’s David.

Give him a try. What have you got to lose?

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a fantastic loan because it changes the lives of people for the better.

It is ideal for retirees who own their own home but are struggling with rising expenses and seeing their savings dwindle away.

A reverse mortgage will allow you to access the equity you have in your home, and convert it into an income stream that will help you remain in your treasured home.

The loan is available to anyone 62 years or older, with approved applicants able to start enjoying a much more affluent standard of living.

Homeowners can be paid in a range of different methods including a lump sum payment, monthly instalments or a line of credit.

A lifetime monthly payment option can also be organized.

One of the greatest facets of a reverse mortgage is that as long as the terms of the loan are met, there is no need to repay it until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away.

The cost of housing is rising steeply all across the country and residents of Charlevoix will be pleased to witness a 12.4 percent bump in the last 12 months has taken average prices to $289,984 (

There are already 69 people in and around Charlevoix who own a reverse mortgage with 7 buying one in the last 12 months.

About Charlevoix, Michigan

Charlevoix is named after French Jesuit priest Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix who explored the Great Lakes in the 1720s and legend has it, stayed overnight on Fisherman’s Island in a storm.

His mission is believed to have been to discover how much ground the British had gained in North America.

Unsurprisingly, the town attracted fisherman during the mid-19th century but by the end of the century, the arrival of rail lines opened up the region to commercial and industrial development as well as resort and real estate opportunities.

Charlevoix also became a popular stop with many lake passenger liners.

Much of the city’s early history was captured on film by photographer Bob Miles who documented it and surrounding areas for four decades from the early 1930s.

More development in the condominium space reinvigorated Charlevoix during the 1980s.

The city has celebrated a Venetian Festival since 1931, featuring big music acts, a carnival, a boat parade and fireworks.

Its Apple Fest has been held annually since 1978, dedicated to one of Northern Michigan’s most abundant yet humble fruit.

While the petunias that decorate the city were originally planted in 1982.

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David and his Reverse Mortgages team are looking forward to talking with anyone who thinks a reverse mortgage might be the answer to their problems.

Please give David a call at (800) 318-8000 for a no-obligation appraisal of your circumstances.


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