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Grand Rapids Reverse Mortgages

Grand Rapids, Michigan Reverse Mortgage Lender

Meet David Blatt

David Blatt Reverse Mortgages

David Blatt

Reverse Mortgages of Michigan

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David Blatt and Reverse Mortgages of Michigan are recommended to talk to in Grand Rapids if you are in the market for a reverse mortgage, from Comstock Park to Kentwood and throughout Kent County.

David is a reverse mortgage professional and has been selling this incredible product along with traditional loans for more than three decades.

The Blue Bridge over the Grand River, Michigan
Caption: The Blue Bridge over the Grand River, Michigan Credit: Flickr

One of the things that motivates David is finding ways to extend the life of the assets of Michigan seniors, especially those who find themselves facing financial challenges.

He understands the wants and needs of Baby Boomers and appreciates their independence is everything.

That’s where David can help.

He will happily spend time with retirees in need, listen to their concerns and formulate a strategy to remedy their problems.

You’ll deal directly with David who will walk you through all the complexities of the loan to ensure you are 100 percent comfortable and satisfied.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage does exactly as it sounds — it reverses the direction of mortgage payments from the bank back to you.

That in turn, reverses the growing stress and anxiety you may be feeling until it has all gone!

As long as you have equity in your home, a reverse mortgage gives you the ability to access that wealth and turn it into a brand new income stream.

The result is that retirees who feared they may have had to sell their properties just to survive, can afford to stay in their own homes and do so with a much higher standard of living.

The loan is available to anyone 62 years or older, with approved applicants able to start thinking about how they can enjoy and celebrate their golden years like they had always hoped and planned.

Homeowners can be paid in a range of different methods including a lump sum payment, monthly instalments or a line of credit.

Probably the best aspect of a reverse mortgage is that as long as the terms of the loan are met, there is no need to repay it until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away.

The cost of housing is rising sharply all over the country and residents of Grand Rapids will be pleased to see a 17.7 percent bump in the last 12 months has driven average prices to $259,088 (

There are already 373 people in the Grand Rapids area who own a reverse mortgage with 29 buying one in the last 12 months.

About Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is named after the Grand River and the rapids that were so important to the transportation of logs and the local furniture industry.

A significant fall in the river bed leaves it difficult to imagine just how powerful the rapids once were.

Recognised as “Furniture City”, the genesis of the industry was in the second half of the 19th century when it became a major lumbering center, processing the region’s timber.

The first hydro-electric generator in the country was built on the city’s west side in 1880.

The automobile industry moved in with the Austin Automobile Company based in Grand Rapids from 1901-21.

In 1945, Grand Rapids became the first city in the country to add fluoride to its drinking water.

Now home to nearly 200,000 people the city is second only to Detroit in population in Michigan.

More than 80 craft breweries are testament to the city’s rapidly-growing beer culture.

The city was the childhood home of President Gerald Ford who is buried on the grounds of the museum named after him.

Its airport and a freeway also carry his name.

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Please call David at (800) 318-8000 for a no-obligation assessment of your circumstances.


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