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West Bloomfield Reverse Mortgages

West Bloomfield, Michigan Reverse Mortgage Lender

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David Blatt

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David Blatt and Reverse Mortgages of Michigan are among Detroit’s top teams when you need the very latest information about reverse mortgages in West Bloomfield, from Waterford Township to Novi and across Oakland County. David is a reverse mortgage expert who has been working in the field for more than 30 years, specializing in residential lending services.

His talent is helping seniors uncover the very best deals to protect and ensure their financial futures.

City Skyline, Detroit, MIchigan
Caption: City Skyline, Detroit, MIchigan credit: Flickr

But he is also an experienced real estate broker with federal and state licences whose tireless service in the field has been recognised with an excellence award for his time with the Michigan Brokers Association board.

If you are looking to shore up your retirement years with a reverse mortgage, you can’t go past a chat with David who will explain all of your options to you, allowing you to make the best decision for your financial future.

What is a reverse mortgage? 

reverse mortgage is a truly brilliant loan device because it allows homeowners to unlock the equity they have poured into their home over many, many years.

As long as you are 62 years of age, you qualify for a reverse mortgage which stands to change your life for the better! This loan is so special because it gives retirees financial freedom without having to sell their home.

Homeowners can be paid an income in a number of different ways including a line of credit which proves popular because of the flexibility it provides.

But the real beauty of a reverse mortgage loan is that provided the terms of the loan are met, it doesn’t require repayment of the loan until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away. It’s one of the canniest ways you can move from a rocky road to easy street, putting money troubles behind you forever.

Housing prices are rising sharply around the United States and West Bloomfield is no different to anywhere else. Properties in the area have climbed nearly 16 percent in the last 12 months to an average of $407,860. (

There are already 1168 people in West Bloomfield with a reverse mortgage – 58 of them have purchased one in the last 12 months.

About West Bloomfield, Michigan

West Bloomfield was founded in 1833 when Bloomfield Township was divided in two. It is a charter township that lies 25 miles northwest of downtown Detroit and one of the most affluent suburbs of Oakland County.

Originally dotted with apple orchards, residents of West Bloomfield now refer to it as

the “lake township of Oakland County”.

Cass Lake, Pine Lake and Orchard Lake are among the biggest lakes in the county – the latter two with private country clubs on their shores.

Marshbank Park, which houses Cass Lake, is popular with locals and offers a fishing pier, baseball fields, walking paths and plenty of shade in summer.

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