Residential Lending Services from David J. Blatt
I will help guide and qualify you for a home purchase appropriate for your income and financial situation with my residential lending services. How much down payment and closing costs will be needed and what the exact new monthly housing expenses will be.
Does it make sense to have PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) or not?
Credit Scores – I offer programs that can assist those who may not have perfect credit.

Private Portfolio Lending
Lower monthly payments by lowering your interest rate
Consolidate and payoff debts which will reduce or improve monthly cash flow
Cash out of the house for any reason, which is taking your equity out of the home
Eliminate your PMI after you have obtained the 20% equity required
Shorten the term remaining on your loan payments: For example, reduce a 30 year loan to a 15 year and save thousands of dollars in interest payments.
Single Family homes for rentals can build wealth by having the rents pay down your mortgage for you.
Increase equity appreciation by holding rental properties over the long term
Diversify your investments by using rental properties along with other investments (stock equities)
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